Midlife Arrives in Flamingo-Land!

After picking up the car from the bodyshop for another buffing job, I piled in some tools, clothing, and hit the road to Panama City, FL.  FL is the official abbrieviation for Flamingo-Land, Midlife's new home state.  The trip was uneventful, and we even got 22.3 mpg during one stretch of highway driving south of Atlanta.  Here are some new pictures of Midlife's new stable...

Note the front covered porch, the cluttered garage area, but Midlife's stall is free of trash, natch!

Here's another picture, showing the Exploder and the HondaMaggotWaggon:

Due to the design of the turn-in to the garage, only one car can actually get into the garage without hitting another!  What a stinko design!

Well, things have to improve.  I've got big plans for a "real garage" out back, with electric hoists, air compressors, you know, the works!  Here's two pics of the spacious back yard (100' x 100'):

If you look close, you can see a flamingo-windmill in the right center of the picture.  One can't live in Flamingo-Land without the state bird somewhere on the property...

Now Midlife loves it here in Flamingo-Land, especially since he got his new tags.

And now, for all you folks who stood by, waiting for the lengthy download: a real treat:

Yup!  Two old farts, two Midlifes, or is it three?  From left to right: John Boggs, Midlife, and Midlife.  Taken near the sunny shores of Panama City Beach, Flamingo-Land.