The Good, Bad, and Ugly...

Midlife prior to going to the Body Shop
Pictures taken on August 1, 1999
Click on any picture to see it full scale (max size 119kbytes)

Here's the good side of Midlife...

You can see my 94 Honda Wagon in the

View of unusual paint problems at base of
the radio antenna.  Why is the antenna base
square instead of round?

Cancer at rear wheel well

Cancer at base of driver's side fender

Bumper guard and/or valence panel
don't match well - notice the gap!

Paint peeling from roof rail.  Due to poor
preparation by previous owner, who painted
Midlife with Corvette Red...

Tail light bezel developing pits.  So does
the bumper, but you can't see it here...

Ahhh... the engine compartment!  Not
detailed, nor will it be this time.  Note that
the engine block is painted the wrong shade
of Ford blue...

Left fender well: about 0.5" clearance
Total wheelbase is 108.5" on left...

Right side fender well, Total wheelbase is
108" on right side.

Midlife dropped off at the body shop.
It asks: Are you just going to leave me here?