Midlife's Garage Majal

Construction, Phase I

Pictures as of July 7, 2001


In FlamingoLand, we don't break ground, we build up!  We do this because our water table is just below the surface, and swimming pools have been known to jump out of the ground without water in them.  A huge pile of sand was brought in after surveying stakes were marked, and then it was leveled with a bulldozer, and the concrete slab outside moulds were put into place.  


The sand was carefully scraped away to four inches below the moulds, and an additional two inches in the center of the garage.  A six inch slab will be used to support the auto hoist.  The neighborhood cats were anxiously eyeing the sand piles, but the flamingos and alligators scared them away.  *Hahahaha*


The footings for the walls were dug down at least 12 inches, and the plumbing lines were installed.  I will have hot and cold running water, a toilet, a hot water heater, and three outside hose bibs for watering the garden and for washing the cars.


Yeehaw!  The slab is in!  Take that, Home Owner's Association!  Along each wall was placed re-bar to help support the frame.  Also notice the mortar pointing at an angle...anyone who dares comes close to the Majal without permission will receive a full broadside!  Actually, it is the access pipe for the furnace/AirConditioning unit.


Another view of the empty slab.  There appears to be a low spot right in the middle (bummer!).  After two days of curing, the framers came and started work.


Here you can see the three garage doors, the windows are framed, and there will be a door at the closest corner, on the left.  The roof trusses were delivered, and installed the next day with a crane.  Unfortunately, I am always at work, and can't watch the boys at play.  SWMBO gets to supervise, though.


By now, the exterior sheathing has been installed, windows and doors delivered.  A small portico covers the entry door, helping to keep the weather out.  Roofing tar has been applied to the roof.  Shingles will come next week.

The weatherproofing sheathing has been applied, and the roof structure is now complete.  It's beginning to look like a useful building, no?