We Moved Into the Garage Majal!

Moving on up!, We're moving on up!  Time to move on into the Garage Majal.  Date is Oct. 27, 2001.

Here's the view from the street, showing our house and the garage.  Now why would anyone say this doesn't match the house?

Ahhh...don't these three vehicles look comfy?  From left to right: Trailer, Hondamaggotwaggon, and Midlife.

Here's a pic of the trailer.  Isn't she pretty?  Notice the Corporate Ford Color of blue.  Sorry for the cut photo...lens guard fell into the  field of view.

A view of the left wall and my tool boxes and workbench (to be expanded).

My office, or home away from home.  Behind the door is the refrigerator, heh heh...

 This is the working area ahead of the middle bay, 14' wide by 10' deep.  A compressor is going into the corner, along with a blasting cabinet.

Here's a veiw looking back,  showing my new engine hoist.

Mid and Maggot.  Notice the large area between the cars.  Plenty of room to swing open the doors without worrying about hitting the other car.

This is the other side wall, with stuff packed in boxes.  Shelving will go up next weekend along the wall and on the wall facing Mid.  Should have a fair amount of room to open doors on this wall as well.

This is the view looking back towards the street from the garage.  The gate that once was between the two stubby fence lines has been permanently removed.