Midlife's Garage Majal

Construction, Phase I

Pictures as of July 21, 2001

The electrician came in, and quickly installed most of the electrical lines.  Florida has codes that require horizontal headers along all walls and that all electrical lines be stapled to the studs.  What that means is, that one can't add any telephone, cable, or electrical lines once the drywall is installed, because there is no way to drop lines or fish existing ones out.  What I decided was to add some conduit to blank junction boxes and up through to attic, to allow expansion.  I took many pictures of the handiwork as documentation.  Here's an example:

The junction box is down low, and the conduit sticks up near the roof, and is capped, so insulation doesn't clog the conduit.

Here's a sneak peak at the center bay's ceiling, where a hoist will be installed.  Again, FL codes mandate a higher (and more expensive!) construction standard when bearing walls exceed 10', so I designed a ceiling "cut-out" of 4' to accommodate the height of the hoist and car.  This will all be sheet-rocked in and double 8' fluorescent shop fixtures installed.

The brick layers arrived to brick up the front of the garage.  Vinyl siding will go on the other three walls.

The cement layers came back to lay in the cement porch for the side door.  The 2x4 supports are to help the overhang from sagging.  Pillars will be installed from the slab to the underside of the roof for final support.