Pictures of the Nearly Completed Garage Majal

Pictures taken Sept. 29, 2001

Well, everything is done except for the shouting.  The garage door openers and the outside privacy fence need to be installed, more sod laid, and the garage floor needs to be etched and epoxy painted.  At the moment, I can't move anything into the garage, as the driveway slab was just laid, and it needs to cure for two weeks.

Here's some outside views of the Garage Majal:

Note the nice tropical garden SWMBO installed.  Those are banana trees somewhere in there.  The wooden fence posts will be used for the privacy fence. The photo on the right shows what we started with a long time ago...

Now wouldn't it be nice to have four bays?  In reality, there are only three....*sighs*

Now for some interior views, running clockwise from the standard entrance door...

Note the fire extinguisher for those of you who are safety conscious.  The door on the far right is to the utility room, where the A/C, heater, and water heater live.  A refrigerator will be moved in there for those pesky "adult beverages" required to bribe fellow mechanics for help.  These are two good views of the center bay roof cutout to accomodate the lift/hoist.

The door on the left near the sink is for the bathroom.  The room on the right is for storage: both household and for car parts.  That room is 9' x 10'.

This is the side wall.  Exciting, eh?

These are the right and center (as defined by looking from the outside) bay garage doors.  The center door must be a roll-up door to avoid interfering with the car while being hoisted.

And now for some exterior shots of our backyard:

That's SWMBO, watering the concrete...heh heh....The trashcan is the storage facility for the BBQ.