Repainting Midlife - July - ?, 2005

Midlife the car went off to the painter's on June 14, after a couple week's delay.  I called the painter, Chris Collier on or about June 1, expecting him to give me a 6-8 week lead time before he could pick it up, but he said "get it ready next weekend, I can pick it up then!".  Well, I had to scramble to finish up prepping the fenders, hoods, and valence panels.  Chris got delayed the following two weekends, but finally he and his wife arrived with a flatbed to haul it off to his shop about 3 miles away.



Of course, the camera's battery died just about then.  In the mean time, I suffered through Hurricane Dennis, and decided to tackle the engine block while the car was gone.  I refurbished the bracketry, and painted the block and exhaust manifolds.  Eastwood's manifold paint was a delight to use, and it turned out very nice.



On July 19, I went over to the painter's shop to see some progress.  Chris had warned me that he had only worked on the front fenders, and had to patch one of the fenders (passenger side, back lower corner), where I had suspected some rot existed behind the support bracket.  You can see the piece he cut out lying on the floor in front of the red fender.