Midlife Visits the MCA Show in Pensacola

On March 23 and 24th, the Mustang Club of America held one of its National Meets in Pensacola, Florida, about 100 miles from Midlife's home garage.  The weather was expected to be nice, so off we went to see what we could see!  Midlife wanted to be entered into the Daily Driven Class, but was instead placed into the Street Driven Class.  Here it is, showing its hood and engine off to no one in particular...

 That's Laurie _S looking wistfully away from Midlife.

I managed to find a stall right next to Laurie, and, as usual, this was the first scene I saw of her:

I think she is checking to ensure that the rattlesnakes are out of her fenderwells....

Laurie has a very nice Sunlit Gold Coupe, that has won a few Gold Awards.  Here's a picture of the car as it is being judged:

Judge #1 (center): Look, it says right here that this is supposed to be a Fastback.
Judge #2: No no...the car is obviously not  a fastback, it's supposed to be a 63.5 Boss 200!!
Judge #3 (Hands on hips) You bozos: you don't know nothing.  How the hell did this Camaro get entered into a Mustang Event???

Well, a number of VMF'ers came by to shoot the breeze, trade insults, and generally mis-behave.  Here's a pic of them during one of their more saner moments:

Let's see: I think that is Dickson, Roadracer, Mrs and Mr Mulletwaggon, Bishir (you can tell by the clown shoes which I had to crop from the picture for fear of the web page being XXX rated), Mrs. Bishir, and 289Ponyboy.  I'm sure I have a couple of them confused with others...we met, including Ponderosa Mustang Matt, Don67Stang, JBoggs, 66CoupeNW, RCV just to name a few.  

This picture is courtesy of Roadracer:

That's Roadracer, Mulletwaggon, Dickson, Bishir, Don67Stang, Midlife, and Laurie_S.

OK...Midlife did win an award.  It was presented during the early hours on Sunday, just after the rainstorm...

To see the actual award, click here