Repairs to Midlife's Driver's Side Wheel Well, Forward Portion

Here's what the driver's side wheel well looked like after removing the undercoating, then after removal of the aluminum patch.  You can see some beginnings of rust where the two wheel wells meet at the bottom.


Here's what it looked like after I cut out the rust on the bottom and after application of weld-through primer.

Now the inner wheel well portion is welded on.  The dark areas are just bad reflections from the flash.

I had to cut out the rusty area where the rust hole transits the two wheel wells:

Now the welding of the outer wheel well patch, the two small patches on the upper s and application of rust encapsulator on the underside of the fender lip.  Not bad, eh?

Here's what's next on the patching agenda: the driver's side toe board/floor pan: