Week One at the Body Shop.

Midlife: did you miss daddy?  Sorry I couldn't take you out this weekend for a good romp.  

Pictures taken August 9, 1999.  Click on any picture for full size (max size approx. 100kbytes)

Midlife is toothless!

The rear isn't so hot either!  Note the
black windlace on left-rear lip of trunk:
needed to keep water out of the trunk!

Help!  My lights are drooping!

Ahh!  So that is why I have a square
antenna base: to cover these two
nasty holes!

Talk about fresh air vents!

What an ugly door.  This is the one with red oxide primer inside...the
passenger side has a whitish primer.  This driver's side door is in the worst
shape, with rust at the bottom the the sill...stay tuned.